Maiden voyage


Labour weekend 2016

This trip is the first time ever sailing anything bigger than a dinghy. We thought it prudent to choose a spot that we shouldn’t be able to get into too much trouble.

Lake Rotoiti was chosen for multiple reasons. One being it’s not very wide, so if we sink we should be able to swim ashore and get a taxi home. Also the Bay of Plenty Trailer Yacht Squadron are based here. They are very friendly and have excellent facilities. Owen met us at the ramp and very kindly helped us set up, shared some local knowledge and led us out into the lake.


We motored at first, then managed to hoist the mainsail without falling over board. We sailed for a short time to gently introduce the kids to sailing and the inevitable leaning a yacht tends to do.

We found the anchorage Owen recommended

Club members helped us tie up for the night, kids made friends instantly.

Club members helped us tie up for the night, Kids made friends instantly


Chef at work







Early next morning we snuck out of the bay for a fish



After breakfast we headed off, kids in tow (literally) another short sail. And found a nice beach for lunch and a spot of fishing.





Found a quieter spot for the night



We rowed around until I broke the rowlock holder off


So we chucked on the 2hp and continued explorations






Maddie making her bed


We awoke next morning to another beautiful day. After bacon and eggs for breakfast we, headed out. Hoisted the sails for a pleasant down wind run home.




Only did two accidental gybes on way back to ramp…. Other than that, a pretty successful introduction to trailer yachting.

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